Congregational Fellowship

The Fellowship Committee of Potomac Presbyterian Church strives to provide a variety of meaningful, spiritually enriching, and just-for-fun programs for families and people of all ages. It is through our love of Christ and his teachings that we will continuously use our abundant imagination and energies to share with others the fellowship we find so fulfilling and necessary in our daily lives.

The Fellowship Committee may also coordinate with other congregational committees and groups to provide fellowship support as we respond to the unique heartbeat that is our family and our church.



Projects and initiatives of the Fellowship Committee include:

  • Special Meals and Celebrations
    • Throughout the year, the Fellowship Committee offers meals in support of special worship services or church events.
  • Food With Friends
    • Members enjoy the ambiance and fellowship created while dining in each others’ homes over the course of several months.
  • Opportunities for Fellowship
    • You are invited to enjoy organized outings to local points of interest, including museum and theater events.