Regular Program Year Worship Hours

9:30am Children & Youth Choir, ages 4-High School
10:00am Adult, Children & Youth Christian Education; Confirmation classes for grades 8-9
11:00am  Worship
12:00pm  Coffee & Refreshments

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Latest News

  • Year of the Bible Discussion

    Post Your Questions or Comments Below to Join in the Conversation Reading the Bible is difficult and many things are confusing.  Yet, you are not alone.  Use this page to ask questions or discuss with others what has come up while reading the Bible.  Together, we can uncover how God

  • January Mission Trip Blog

    Day 7: What a Week It is hard to believe that the week’s work is now done.  At the beginning of our trip, we arrived to a house that had been completely gutted and only its frame was left.  Now, all the insulation and a bit over half of the