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Reading the Bible is difficult and many things are confusing.  Yet, you are not alone.  Use this page to ask questions or discuss with others what has come up while reading the Bible.  Together, we can uncover how God is still speaking to us today through scripture.


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    judith dick says

    With all of the offerings made, at the alter in front of the tent, and the splashing of blood on its sides, wouldn’t it be really rank in a short period of time. So many of the laws were to prevent sickness, and prevent the spread of disease, it seems counter intuitive.

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    Kara Trenkamp says

    I was struck by the 14 generations between significant events as told by Matthew. Does the number 14 surface elsewhere? Is there significance in this?

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    Chidi Obasi says

    Curious why some mothers were mentioned in genealogy of Jesus while others mothers were not.

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      Chris McAuliffe says

      Great observation. I have wondered about that a lot too.

      Matthew’s genealogy seeks to strongly tie Jesus to the Jewish faith. The mothers mentioned in the genealogy can be found in the Bible. Yet, many others are left out, even though they too are in the Bible. For example, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s wives don’t get mentioned.

      Also, in the present day, it is the mother’s lineage who passes down Judaism. Thus, if one’s mother is Jewish, so are they. Yet, Matthew portrays it the other way.

      I also find it interesting that Joseph is the link to this lineage. When we consider God as being Jesus’ true father, not Joseph, then it is interesting that this is here in the first place.

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