PPC Moves Forward for Those with Hearing Loss – January 2019


One out of five of adult Americans experience their worlds in varying degrees of silence due to hearing loss, the invisible disability. This is due to several factors. Some simply don’t want to admit that they have hearing loss; others don’t know that there are many resources available to help them. It is important to be informed about the technologies and innovations that that PPC is providing to help those who have hearing loss, so that they can continue to listen to the things they love.


There are three main types of assistive listening technologies now within PPC: RF, Wi-Fi and Hearing Loop.

  1. RF:RF Systems work similarly to radios and use a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter transmits sound to the receiver, which a person wears with headphones or ear buds to listen to what sound is being broadcast.  PPC has had this system for years, and receivers and headphones are at the entrance to the sanctuary.
  2. Hearing Loop:Hearing loops create discreet and localized listening experiences to those who use t-coil equipped hearing aids. PPC has just completed the installation of this technology, and it is operational and available for use by those with a T-coil.

PPC installed a triple loop pattern to maximize coverage in the sanctuary.  The signal is not even over the whole room, but it is usable. The side seating areas are much better as the loops are smaller.  In the large center seating section, the signal gets weaker towards the centermost seats.  The signal strengthens approaching closer to the aisles where the wire runs. All users need to do is turn on their hearing aid T-switch and sit where they can get an acceptably loud signal.

  1. Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi solution uses PPC’s current wi-fi system and coverage is all over the church. There is a connection into our wi-fi system from the audio system.  This would allow anyone with a smartphone to download an app, and tune into a channel from our Wi-Fi network.  The user could either wear a traditional earpiece wired into the cellphone, or a Bluetooth earpiece linked to their smartphone (iBud), or a hearing aid with a Bluetooth receiver or hold the cellphone to their ear for the whole church service (not recommended).  

For those interested, go to the Apple store, or equivalent and download the app, AudioEverywhere. When you get to PPC, use settings to join the PPC Wi-fi system called PPC_Congregation.   When it asks for a password or pass phrase, type in Trust!n60d! (exactly as typed).

The app will seek the server and identify two channels. The user only has to choose one channel. Both have the same content. Audio will start. User may be anywhere within the range of our Wi-Fi — literally the whole building. You can even sit in another room/nursery and listen on a speaker. You can also use a Pad or a Bluetooth speaker for better/wider sound.

Questions: If you have any questions, please talk to Charlie Nahabedian and/or Chris Cyrway