PPC supports each of the following international organizations.

Caritas Por Cristo

Por Cristo has been involved in health care work in Latin America, with a focus on Ecuador, for over 25 years. Por Cristo carries out its mission in four distinct ways: The Por Cristo Health and Nutrition Clinic; Institution-strengthening through medical expertise/technical assistance; support of a Community Health/Tuberculosis Project; and provision of medical equipment and supplies to clinics and hospitals.

A hallmark of Por Cristo’s work from its earliest days has been the fielding of medical teams to Latin America. Team Expertise has included maxillofacial surgery, burn care, orthopedics, and pediatric cardiovascular services. Since 1991, a team of pediatric cardiac surgeons and cardiologists has regularly traveled to Ecuador, and since 1996 this team has worked exclusively at the Baca Ortiz Hospital for Children in Quito. The focus of this one hospital has borne excellent results. The professional exchange between the medical teams has resulted in improved diagnostic and clinical skills of staff, increased donation of medical supplies and equipment, and most importantly, hundreds of children have obtained improved cardiac services. By strengthening skills of this core group of doctors in Ecuador, each year building on skills learned the previous year, improved care is now provided year around. Other medical teams are established on an as-needed basis.

For the past 21 years, Tom Hougen of PPC has been privileged to lead the Por Cristo Cardiac Team, most recently in October 2013 he, along with a group of RN’s, MDs and technicians from leading US medical centers, made another trip to Ecuador. They spent time teaching, performing cardiac surgery and cardiac diagnostic studies, along-side Ecuadorian colleagues. They worked in a large, over-crowded, under-equipped charity children’s hospital served by hard-working dedicated Ecuadorian medical staff, residents and nurses. With the aid of the donated equipment and supplies, the team is able to extend the expertise of the Ecuadorian medical personnel to improve the care and outcome of children with heart disease. We are pleased to have supported this endeavor once again.

Children’s Education in Ecuador

The Potomac Presbyterian Church (PPC) Mission Committee has initiated a new mission program in Ecuador. The mission committee recognizes the importance of children’s education as one effort to reduce poverty and give a poor child a chance for a better life.

Por Cristo (Boston) sponsors many child-based health and family welfare programs in Ecuador. Por Cristo and PPC continue to support the pediatric cardiac team for their work in the capital, Quito.

A Mission Committee education project is now started with the assistance of Por Cristo. The program will provide for the education of five impoverished children in Quito. Tuition, books, supplies and a uniform will be supplied with a $500 donation per year per student.

The Mission Committee vision is to sustain this support for these five students for five years or until they finish the 6th grade. Reliable funding will greatly enhance the student’s chance of success in higher grades.

The selected pupils will be encouraged to send emails and photos to our congregation and to create pen-pals with our youth. Thus, we shall engage these young people over several years and be able to watch them grow and develop. (See photos of children, and a brief bio, below)

This project costs little to do now, but costs so much more if not done.

Gissela, Born June 3, 2007 in Quito

My name is Fabiola, the mother of Gissela, who is in the second grade.
My daughter loves ballet, singing and dancing. Our family consists of four people, we have no home of our own, so we rent our place.

I work in a packing factory, Calcograf, to cover the expenses of our immediate family. I am very grateful for help offered to my daughter, which we need.

Attentively, Fabiola

jose alejandro rodriguez torres

José, Born July 6, 2006 in Quito

I am the mother of José.

He is studying at the Eustaquio Montemurro School and is in third grade. He likes to play with peers and at home playing with legos and dinosaurs, and he also loves going to the park.

My name is Narciza and I work in the children’s pre-school center “Nest of Tenderness” as a teaching assistant in the Jaime Roldós district. We live with my family in that neighborhood. My husband’s name is Jose, and he works in Electro-Services in North Avenue Eloy Alfaro.

We rent our place. With our work, we try to cover all expenses and the studies of our small children because we want the best for them so that in the future they will be good people.
Thanking you in my heart for the help you provide to our little son.
God bless you. Narciza

Joan Andres Diaz Gallo

Joan, Born April 5, 2006 in Quito

Dear friends,
Receive a cordial greeting from me, Mariela . I am the mother of Joan.

I would like to tell you that my son is a responsible child who is dedicated to his studies and as active as every normal child is. He is affectionate with his parents and especially his brother. He loves soccer, plays every weekend, and we as parents we support him in this. His favorite dish is rice with scrambled egg and he loves fruit – especially strawberries. He is currently in third grade and feels very happy to get this help because it will allow him to continue studying at the Eustaquio Montemurro School. Since several days ago, he begged us not to change school. The economic situation in our country is very bad, especially for some professions. My husband is a carpenter makes furniture for Hemodialysis that are used in hospitals but they have not bought any recently because they prefer to buy foreign products. I work in a home and the salary is not enough to meet our needs, especially those of my little son. I thank you from my heart for the help you provide us and the joy that you give to my son to stay in school.
God bless you, Attentively, Mariela

Daniel Bermeo Vilca

Daniel, Born August 2, 2011

I am Monica of Ecuadorian nationality and I have two young children. My daughter, Catherine , 11 years old is studying in the sixth grade and my son, Daniel, is 2 years 10 months. He is in pre-school at the Eustaquio Montemurro School. Let me thank you for the help you may give me on behalf of my son and for personal reasons it is difficult to pay the tuition each month, but I make the effort because I want my children to receive an excellent education. In recent months my work situation has changed and the sad thing is that I do not have the help of my partner who is not currently with us.

For the person who helps me in my situation, I give my sincere thanks. God bless you. Monica

anghelo huilca alexander alvarado

Anghelo, Born October 29, 2006 in Quito

Hello I am Anghelo.

I study in the Eustaquio Montemurro School in third grade. My favorite food is guinea pig with potatoes and peanut sauce, my favorite game is soccer, my favorite animal is the horse and I love the color blue.

My family consists of four members, my dad, my mom, my brother and I; we are a humble and united family and we love each other very much. In my house just my dad works, my mom cannot work because it has a spinal problem.

I am infinitely grateful for the help I receive from you. May God and the Virgin Mary will bless you.

Hands Across the Nile

Hands Along the Nile Development Services (HANDS) forges lasting partnerships between Americans and Egyptians in order to increase intercultural understanding and support Egyptians in their efforts to raise the quality of life for the most under-served members of their society. To these ends, HANDS facilitates cultural exchange programs and partners with organizations on the ground to empower disadvantaged Egyptians to raise themselves out of poverty. We work to show the world that, working together across cultures, we can address some of the most daunting challenges we face today. Join us! Together we can bring more dreams to fruition.