The Frederick E. Berger Memorial Lecture Series was established in 1989. The Lecture brings outstanding speakers to address the congregation and community on contemporary issues from a theological perspective. The Lecture is presented in memory of Mr. Berger who joined PPC in 1985. He died in 1988 after a long and gallant battle with cancer. He was committed to adult education and especially to the study of contemporary issues from a theological perspective. He was also a leader in his profession. After joining the World Bank in 1981, Mr. Berger served as lead economist in the Latin American-Caribbean countries department from 1987.

Past lecturers:

1990 – William Sloane Coffin

1992 – Price Henderson Gwynn, III

1995 – Thomas G. Long

1997 – Os Guinness

2000 – Jean Bethke Elshtain

2002 – John Yieh

2003 – Kenda Creasy Dean

2006 – ┬áIain Torrance

2011 -Cynthia Campbell

2014 – Craig Barnes