Safe Church

God intends the church to be a safe place for all to encounter God’s love and grow in Christian faith. Affirming that truth, in May 2013, the Session of Potomac Presbyterian Church adopted PPC Safe Church Policies. These Policies direct our life together as we seek to provide a safe physical, psychological, and spiritual environment, which is free from exploitative, abusive, and harmful behaviors, and which actively nurtures and enhances the well being of our members, employees, and guests.

All members of PPC share the responsibly of making PPC a safe place for all people to grow in faith. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to take the time to read through the summary brochures and/or the Safe Church Policies in their entirety.

If you have questions or concerns about PPC’s Safe Church Policies or any of our safe church practices, please talk with Pastor Emily Berman D’Andrea.