“We are an active Christian community devoted to Worship that stirs the soul, Education that engages the mind, and Service that sends us into the world.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time does service begin?
    1. We meet at 11 am during the school year and 10 am in the summer months (June-August).
  2. What should I wear to worship service on Sunday?
    1. Most people dress up at PPC.  You are invited to wear whatever you would like, but most members tend to wear dress clothes.  The summer is typically a little more casual.
  3. What is your policy on children in worship?
    1. Children are encouraged to attend service.  We offer time for the children to speak with the pastor during service and usually have a teacher who will take them out to play afterwards. 
  4. Does PPC offer Sunday School classes?
    1. Yes! Sunday School is for everyone beginning at 10 am during the school year.  We have children, youth, and adult classes and all are welcome to attend.
  5. What type of music do you have during worship?
    1. PPC offers traditional worship, meaning mainly hymns. There are adult and children choirs who help lead worship.